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    tony holland, taxidermist    
  "i've been hunting for 30 years.  i love to hunt.  waterfowl, the great whitetail, quail, turkey--all of it.  i love to be outside.  i love to be a part of the early mornings and the late evenings.  taxidermy work allows me the opportunity to re-live the pleasure of the hunt, and  to bring animals back to life. 

like my business name says, i believe it is important to "capture life's moments forever",  and not just in hunting and fishing and taxidermy.  every day  has some part that can be appreciated. 

belenda and shea are my best supporters.  they encourage my taxidermy work and my hunting and fishing.  my other enjoyments are cooking, sewing, building decks, and talking to older persons.  i've learned a lot by talking to people who've lived in different times and different places."

...capture life's moments forever...


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