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"i can remember the first fall i was finally old enough to carry a gun of my own.  a single shot 22.  walking with my dad and great-grandfather from our house back to the timber behind it.  squirrel hunting.  i was so excited that day!  i was so proud of my squirrel!

i was proud of my first bluegill i caught on my great-grandfather's cane pole, too.  i ran all the way up the bank with that pole, my cork bouncing off the dirt clods, and my little fish, too.  granddad hollering "you can stop running now!"  so i ran back down the bank to admire my catch and almost fell in the pond!  i know the fish was small but it was my trophy for that day.  just like the  squirrel, my first deer, first rabbit , first quail...  and the list goes on. 

i guess what i'd like  you to know about me is this:  i've been where you are.  so full of excitement and pride, you think you'll bust until you can show someone your trophy!!  after all, you've got bragging rights now, right? 

it doesn't matter what  size your trophy is when you walk into my taxidermy shop.  what does matter is that you walk out of it with that same pride and excitement. 

i will do my best to instill a life-like look into your wildlife." 

pam middleton, taxidermist


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